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Making MRI Virtually Entertaining

Transforming the patient's MRI experience, CinemaVision is a convenient, versatile and user-friendly  3D virtual reality system. It provides multiple entertainment options from standard television, DVD, CD, and Radio input, while offering two-way communicationwith technologists and dramatically reducing MRI gradient noise.  The head-mounted display fits completely within the head coil and operates seamlessly inside the magnet bore with no detrimental effects on signal/noise.

Ultra-Sleek and Comfortable,

CinemaVision's integrated audio-video headset delivers top-quality entertainment while fitting easily within the headcoil. 

Opening New Horizens in Patient Comfort

Delivering unparalled quality and realism, CinemaVision combines state-of-the-art, fully digital video and symphonic quality digital audio. Offering an unprecedented field-of-view, the CinemaVision experience is similar to watching a high resolution 62-inch screen from 5 inches away. Eliminate appointment cancellations and sedation as patients enjoy a stunning sight and sound experience.  

Setting New Standards in Patient Relaxation 

Offering the ltimate ease is a sleek new lightweight, adjustable, integrated audio-video headset.  With LaserLink technology, installation is just a matter of minutes.  No additional cables or filters are necessary.  Patient set-up also a breeze. 

Handsome and high-Tech, 

The CinemaVision Remote Control puts the functionality of the entire CinemaVision systemat your fingertips.

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